Alerts for: Wollaston Lake - Collins Bay


8:39 PM CST Saturday 04 July 2015
Special air quality statement in effect for:

  • Wollaston Lake - Collins Bay

Widespread smoke across Saskatchewan.

A large area of smoke from forest fires over Northern Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories continues to blanket much of Saskatchewan. Visibilities have been reduced to less than 3 kilometres in many areas especially in Central and Northern Saskatchewan. Air quality is poor in many areas due to the smoke.

Significant smoke will persist over most of the province. A brief reprieve has been felt in southwestern portions of the province as both visibilities and air quality have improved. Currently the satellite imagery shows that the smoke behind the cold front is moving to mostly to the southeast. Southwestern regions will see some brief smoke and poor air quality this evening, however may not see the really dense smoke push back in as it has over the past several days. If things change and the smoke is ushered in, this statement may be revised.

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