Alerts for: Kindersley - Rosetown - Biggar - Wilkie - Macklin


9:46 AM CST Saturday 04 July 2015
Special air quality statement in effect for:

  • Kindersley - Rosetown - Biggar - Wilkie - Macklin

Widespread smoke across Saskatchewan.

A large area of smoke from forest fires over Northern Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories continues to blanket much of Saskatchewan. Visibilities have been reduced to less than 3 kilometres in many areas especially in Central and Northern Saskatchewan. Air quality is poor in many areas due to the smoke.

Significant smoke will persist over most of the province. A brief reprieve has been felt in southwestern portions of the province as both visibilities and air quality have improved. However, as a cold front passes through southwestern sections today a return to northerly winds will usher in the smoke once again.

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