Alerts for: Carlyle - Oxbow - Carnduff - Bienfait - Stoughton


4:26 AM CST Wednesday 01 July 2015
Special air quality statement in effect for:

  • Carlyle - Oxbow - Carnduff - Bienfait - Stoughton

Widespread smoke across all of Saskatchewan.

A large area of smoke from forest fires over Northern Saskatchewan and Northwest Territories continues to blanket much of Saskatchewan. Visibilities have been reduced to less than 2 km in many areas especially in Central and Northern Saskatchewan. Air quality is poor in many areas due to the smoke. Smoke near the ground may cause potentially high health risk conditions. The smoke is expected to persist over the next couple of days as winds will remain from the northwest and little to no precipitation is expected to flush out the smoke and haze. Conditions may be somewhat better today as winds shift slightly more to the west.

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